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As the first international educational institution, we facilitate
access to academic and professional migration to Germany for
the best nurses from all over the world.

Since 2014, Educaro has helped more than 1 500 young
professionals and specialists from different countries to start a
successful career in Germany.

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At Educaro we put you as a candidate first. This is why we are committed to fair and ethical recruitment. We align our corporate practices with the WHO Glocal Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel and follow the “Employer Pays” Principle. This ensures that no fees are charged to you.

As a competent network partner in the healthcare sector, we create connections between international specialists like you and employers. Because our goal is to open up new perspectives through fair recruitment in order to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in nursing with effective solutions.

Project planning and coordination

Together with our clinic partners, we define the framework for the project. You select your potential new nursing professionals from our diverse portfolio and provide us with your individual details, such as the date of entry, etc.

Application Phase

We coordinate the job interviews with the candidates selected by you from our qualified pool of applicants and serve as translators, if necessary.

Qualification phase abroad

Our own German-speaking educators and coaches on site thoroughly prepare all nursing staff for their entry. The linguistic, cultural, and professional qualification takes place on site in our own international educational institutions. This ensures the implementation of our high standards for language training.

Entry coordination

We support the healthcare professionals throughout the entire migration process. This includes taking care of tasks such as applying for the entry visa. Additionally, we provide assistance with all necessary administrative matters, such as the application for the recognition dossier.

Qualification Phase in Germany

Immediately after arrival, the skilled workers start working as nursing assistants at their future employer. Meanwhile, the skilled workers complete their B2-level course through one of our BAMF- or AZAV-certified partners.

Recognition qualification

All nursing staff in our program are professionally, practically, and theoretically prepared for the recognition process in Germany during the qualification phase by one of our AZAV-certified partners. The recognition process concludes with the fully recognized title of a certified nursing professional.


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You can learn about the program & we answer your questions.
Our program is free, we do not charge any fees to our nurses at any time!

Oskar Yibrani Espinoza López México

It was very easy for me because I didn't have to go through all the necessary red tape. And if I had the option of doing this path again with Educaro , I would do it like this again.